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Jenny Raharivola: paint this island in green …

Some people want to paint the town red, Jenny Raharivola wants to paint the island in green. Jenny Raharivola is a young artist specialized in composing and singing for humanitarian and environmental causes. The first time I heard about her

Bienvenu Rajaonson: Mainstreaming bio ethanol energy generation

The good thing when attending a presentation from a World Bank representative is that you get to know a lot of macroeconomic figures that help you “appreciate” the environment you’re living in. The TEDxTana wasn’t disappointed on this part, and

Jean Emilien:seeking for help for having attendees plant trees as entry fees to his concert

How come such a Malagasy artist who has received a worldwide recognition is barely known by Malagasy? This guy a toured the world with his music, played with the big guys (opend Carlos Santana’s concert in Paris), is a world

Erik Hersman: own the africa narrative

“ingenuity born of necessity” Erik came up with a long list of different examples of ingenuity coming from Africa: a mobile phone charging system made by a bicycle dynamo, a biogaz system, or a mobile-security system, to name a few.

Audrey de Fondaumière

Audrey has presented the youtaa.com project. So it’s presented a facebook-like web platform but designed specifically for businesses. My understanding is that it intends to be an alibaba.com – like but targeting Africa businesses. This platform will be a place

Anja Besson TEDx talk: the intruder?

Anja Besson is a designer who participates into TEDxTana that took place in Antananarivo - Madagascar. Learn more about what "ideas worth sharing" she talked about.

Miora Rajaonary: a call for paper providers

Miora has made a point during her presentation: PAPMAD, the only paper manufacturing specialized on recycling is calling for every unit to provide them with raw material to work with. So far this plant is only working 6 month per

Alice Plane from Ashoka: on preimplementation mode for Madagascar

The difficult part about presenting people who work for entities is to find the fine line between the person and what the organisation do. Alice Plane first: Born in Lille in 1984, she has a lot of interest for Russia

Toughstuff:a system based on trade,not aid

Malagasy rural people call their product “tôftôf”, you guessed it, we’re talking about ToughStuff a solar-power device used for lighting and small appliances distributed throughout Madagascar via old 2CV vehicles and bicycles. I always wondered the reason for the “TOUGH”

Saving the Sokeka tortoises

“60 000 tortoises are consumed by local and international market every year in Madagascar. This endemic specie will disappear in 20 years if nothing is done about it. ” Sadly, this kind of alert is “common” for a lot of