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Looking for a Web Community Manager for two travel destinations in Madagascar

So the Integrated Growth Pole Project (AKA Projet PIC) in charge of the promotion of tourism activities in Taolagnaro and Nosy-Be is seeking for a “web community officer” so as to give more online visibility to those two destinations. Those

Donia 2009, against all odds for a “caravane musical”

Despite the crisis in Madagascar, the now-well-established regional festival Donia will be held from May 21st to May 31st 2009 in Nosy Be Although Donia has always been associated to Nosy Be, this 16th edition of Donia festival  will start

The “before you go to Madagascar” series- flights

aeroport nosy be This post is part of a serie called “before you go to Madagascar”. Madafan will try to keep this post as updated as possible. You are also encouraged to help us maintain it either by contacting us