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Picture of the day: beach on a tropical island paradise

Beach on Nosy Mangabe, a tropical island paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

Video: New carnivorous swamp beast discovered in Madagascar

Mongabay.com's Rhett Butler provides an update on the forest news for the week ending October 15, 2010.

Made In Madagascar

  Long time ago, it was a shame to have things made in Madagascar. I’ll admit that at that time, the « Vita Gasy » got easily spoiled. Anyway, it is normal that people always prefer things that are from abroad. American

AMBATOMANGA : « Cheese Land »

A group of journalists went together to Ambatomanga on March 23-24, 2007. This is the report of that nice trip. Ambatomanga is 36km to the east from Antananarivo. It is a village of 6,010 people; the population regrouped in 5

Visit at the zoo of Tsimbazaza

Kids playing kites

Sunday morning, I was dazzled seeing kids full of joy playing kites. I decided to take out my camera and come nearer to take some pics. They were all excited and I wish Andry could take a pic of me

Gasigasy: Vary amin’anana sy kitoza

My husband and I had recently lived in Andoharanofotsy, 12 km in the South of Antananarivo. It’s quite far from our offices where we had to leave home at 6 am and arrived back at around 8  or 8.30 p.m.

Garage Vony – Rickshaw manufacturer

During my stay in Antsirabe, I had the opportunity to visit a little workshop named “Garage Vony”, a rickshaw manufacturer. Since 2003, rickshaw as a mean of transport has been considered as not respecting human rights. So the Commune of

Candlestick, base for pots, base for iron… maker

This post is maybe Afrigadget-able Yes, people from Africa are amazingly resourceful, they can always create new nice items really useful for everyday life with something that others prefer to throw in the trash bins. Saturday, just in front of

Malagasy New Year

I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy lately. In fact, a new year has started on March 16 for Malagasy people. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Malagasy culture. And thanks to blogging,