The lemur end-game: scientists propose ambitious plan to save the world’s most imperiled mammal family

Due to the wonderful idiosyncrasies of evolution, there is one country on Earth that houses 20 percent of the world’s primates. More astounding still, every single one of these primates—an entire distinct family in fact—are found no-where else. The country is, of course, Madagascar and the primates in question are, of course, lemurs. But the far-flung island of Madagascar, once a safe haven for wild evolutionary experiments, has become an ecological nightmare. Overpopulation, deep poverty, political instability, slash-and-burn agriculture, illegal logging for lucrative woods, and a booming bushmeat trade has placed 94 percent of the world’s lemurs under threat of extinction, making this the most imperiled mammal group on the planet. But, in order to stem a rapid march toward extinction, conservationists today publicized an emergency three year plan to safeguard 30 important lemur forests in the journal Science.

Rainforest news review for 2013

2013 was full of major developments in efforts to understand and protect the world’s tropical rainforests. The following is a review of some of the major tropical forest-related news stories for the year. As a review, this post will not cover everythin…

Bloodsucking flies help scientists identify rare, hard-to-find mammals

Last year scientists released a study that is likely to revolutionize how conservationists track elusive species. Researchers extracted the recently sucked blood of terrestrial leeches in Vietnam’s remote Annamite Mountains and looked at the DNA of wha…

The year in rainforests

2012 was another year of mixed news for the world’s tropical forests. This is a look at some of the most significant tropical rainforest-related news stories for 2012. There were many other important stories in 2012 and some were undoubtedly overlooked…

Helping a school, one desk at a time

Stepping onto the cracked cement courtyard, dust swirling through the air, I couldn’t help smiling at the cheeky schoolchildren yelling, “Mbola tsara!” in our direction. Greeting the headmaster in a series of French and English quips (aided by a volunteer Malagasy translator), we set to work touring the mammoth 1,043 student facility located just blocks madagascar teaching charity education madagascar teaching charity education picture

7 facts you need to know about taxi rides in Madagascar

Once you’re tired of walking around a city, as a tourist, you may be tempted to have a taxi-ride… So let’s try to give you some tips in order to make it a memorable and funny ride The following isn’t about the”agreed” taxis parking outside big hotels and at the airport , we’re talking here


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Explore Madagascar The Island by taking a sailing holiday

Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean and is the 4th largest island in the world. Largely cut off from the major continents, many species of animals and plants can only be found here. It is a great area to

See You On September1st For Another TEDxAntananarivo

I’ve heard that it will be held in a prestigious 5* hotel, the Carlton in Antananarivo. The communication guys even made it easy for me to remember that they now accept subscription for the event via the #TEDxTNR link (I

“Résidence Itinérante – mois de la photo 2012″: download the details

The “Sar’Nao” is the yearly photography event in Madagascar. Despite the crisis that still prevails in my country, it’s always great to see passionate people keeping up and doing great things- this “Sar’Nao 2012″ is one of those great initiatives

Hidden Gems of Madagascar: Holiday Inspirations

Considering Madagascar has become synonymous with its – admittedly impressive- lemur population, the island off the south-east coast of Africa has so much more to offer the tourist and backpacker alike than these furry little natives. Be it adventure fuelled

Antandroy: a great movie of two people’s encounter

As I browse the internet (or should I say “wander from a social media platform to another”?), I stumble on gems about Madagascar that are worth resharing. That’s the case for this encounter between surfers and the Lavanono villagers. You

Sar’Nao 2011: check the program of this month of photography

The kick-off of Sar’Nao, the second edition of the now well-established “month of photography” was done at the lobby of the Louvre hotel last night, gathering most of the malagasy photography world (well, at least those who could make it

Wanna go on a train ballad in Ambatolampy?

Those last couple of months, I took some time to do some trekking with some folks who just love practising it for the sake of doing some physical exercise. I’m not really a sporty person but when I joined the

Enjoy Madagascar: a view from those who haven’t been there

Enjoy Madagascar is a yearly expo happening in Madagascar whose aim is to boost the tourism industry. This year, neighboring island are also participating in order to promote the "vanilla islands" concept

Jenny Raharivola: paint this island in green …

Some people want to paint the town red, Jenny Raharivola wants to paint the island in green. Jenny Raharivola is a young artist specialized in composing and singing for humanitarian and environmental causes. The first time I heard about her

Bienvenu Rajaonson: Mainstreaming bio ethanol energy generation

The good thing when attending a presentation from a World Bank representative is that you get to know a lot of macroeconomic figures that help you “appreciate” the environment you’re living in. The TEDxTana wasn’t disappointed on this part, and

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