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Although www.madafan.com is the centerpiece of our online presence, you can also follow/exchange with us:

- on Madafan’s fan on facebook

- on twitter: http://twitter.com/saveoursmile

Finally, you are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletterif you want to be featured or collaborate with Madafan.

Madafan gathers tourism professionals, tourism organizations, locals, tourists and those who lived the Madagascar experience. Whether your entity sells Madagascar tourism destination or products, or whether you lived the Madagascar experience (as a tourist, as a local, as a NGO, as a volunteer or during a friend visit), we invite you to share your experience.

Authentic, unbiaised views are encouraged in order for the next visitors of Madagascar to better prepare and enjoy their next Madagascar-travel. We then encourage every publisher (whether it is on articles, or on comments) to share their view, their Madagascar experience (good or bad).

Madagascar has a lot to offer (and a lot to preserve): sharing will give guidance to those who want to explore it the non-destructive way, while enjoying to the fullest their stay in Madagascar.

For the time being, Madafan.com funds itself from Ads by professional tourism players, while it partners with locals, tourism associations, professional guides and tourists to deliver content.

A madagascar-based tourism professional will participate on Madafan.com in order to:

- give professional advice,

- get recognized about their field of expertise

We encourage any tourism professional to get in touch with madafan.com in order to get the full advantage out of this platform (whether it is for posting articles/podcasts/vidcasts, getting the most out of ads, publi-reportages, coaching for engaging into online travel communities)

A non-madagascar-based tourism professional can use Madafan.com in order to:

- get more insight informations/ressources about Madagascar’s tourism-related products

- identify local counterparts they can work with

A local and/or a tourism organization will use madafan.com in order to:

- showcase the interesting places and activities in their regions

- give knowledgeable advices about their regions and the existing products

- share off-the-beaten tracks tips about interesting discoveries that a tourist can make

A tourist will use madafan.com in order to:

- better prepare their trip to Madagascar,

- get in touch with the most recommended professional

- ask questions, get advices and recommendations (as well as warnings)

- give feed-backs

Madafan.com wants to clearly articulate whenever one article has been posted by a user profile who is a professional (which tends to show you the nice part of Madagascar). To keep the balance, other players (locals, tourists or other players) can confirm or give another advice to what is stated on the articles. It’s up to the visitor of madafan.com to have their own appreciation of the discussions held on Madafan.com.

Users will have their own profile whereby each activity (publish articles, comment ) they do on madafan.com will be automatically assigned to him.

Madafan.com is all about sharing and interaction. Some players will give professional (and eventually commercial-oriented) advices, others will share their love for Madagascar.

  • http://r1lita.wordpress.com Tahina

    Awesome job!!
    I’ll add it to my blogroll soon :)

  • http://gourmettraveller88.com Janet_Gourmet Traveller 88

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier. Nice to find your blog, very nice layout.I will move to magazine in a few months time, hope it will go smoothly.

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Hey Tahina, Thanks for stopping by. We are using the same great template developer. Kudos to Mr Justin Tadlock

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Hi Janet, the layout is mainly a result of Mr Justin Tadlock work(www.themehybrid.com), I just did some minor adjustments (still going on). You may want to check his work as he definitely is a great one, and very supportive to his users.
    When do gourmettraveller88.com feature a recipe from ingredients of Madagascar? :-)

  • http://www.argemada.com Mialy

    Hi! u lately congrat us for the article on our website, thanks, it’s the first but won’t be the last! but while i’m watching ur website, just figured out u made a great job! it’s clear u’re the first who deserve the congrats for promoting the Tanindrazana ;)!! See U!

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    @Mialy: thanks for stopping by. Combined efforts to promote our wonderful island will get some results later on … Keep up

  • Tsilavina

    Hi Herizo,

    Congratulation ! You have done a very good job. This is really a very nice website. Keep it up.


  • Manda

    Hi Herizo,

    Congratulations, you made a great job!!


  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Thanks Manda. How is cactus-madagascar going?

  • hans goosen

    I plan to move to madagascar in a few years when I’m 65.
    I would like to contribute to the community in one way or the other being financially independent then (within 5 years).
    I am a elementary school teachers’asistant specialised in nature and invironment.
    I am dutch, speaking dutch, german and english.
    I seek contacts in madagascar in order to help me getting connected to the people/country.
    E.g. i would like to contact Augustin Savory.
    kind regards

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Hello Hans

    thank you for stopping by. For Augustin Savory, I don’t know him personally but I guess contacting the local WWF office mayhelp

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