Adventure and Relaxation Awaits You With a Vacation in Madagascar

If you need a thrilling destination for your next vacation, try Madagascar. The sweet smells of ylang ylang and vanilla make each stroll down the beach a memory you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Few countries offer both adventures in the jungle and leisurely relaxation on sunny beaches, but Madagascar has attractions and entertainment to please every traveler. This welcoming island paradise is just off of the coast of Africa. You can visit Madagascar for your entire vacation, or try stopping by as part of a trip to South Africa or Tanzania. All of the best attractions include guided tours, but you are also free to explore on your own. Stick to the professional tours when you are exploring the jungle for a safe and thrilling experience.

Admiring the Beauty of Nature

Traveling through the countryside will give you a general idea of the natural beauty around you, but only dedicated tours allow you to see all of the best sights. Ile Sainte-Marie should top your list of destinations when planning your trip. This small island is just off of the major landmass and features charming fishing villages and miles of unspoiled beaches. You can take a walking holiday and enjoy the sweet scents of cinnamon and clove trees lining the roads. You can also watches whales migrating from the bow of a boat during the months of August and September.

If you want to work on your tan while in Madagascar, plan a visit to Ankify. Only small hotels have been built among the vanilla and cocoa plantations here. You can enjoy pristine beaches without feeling crowded. Flat beaches and long sand bars give you the perfect opportunity for swimming during the high tide.

Many travelers also plan a trip to the island to spend their time spotting rare and endangered wildlife. If you don’t mind a short plane ride, visit the Anjajavy Nature Reserve. A walk through the thick jungle will bring you face to face with playful lemurs, colorful tree frogs and lush flowers. Snorkeling and boat excursions are also available to help you explore the coves and caves that dot the coastline.

Fine Dining and Nightlife

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a larger city, try Antananarivo. This city is home to the Queen’s Palace and other historical sights. You can enjoy authentic French cuisine or see stunning jungle blooms within city limits by visiting the botanical gardens. The Analakely open air market is full of craftsmen and artists selling their wares, making it an ideal stop for picking up gifts and souvenirs.

Nosy Be is a small island off of the coast that is home to the country’s largest resorts. The main city, Hell-ville, is home to dozens of award winning restaurants and lounges. You can listen to live music while sipping your favorite cocktails, or find a beach bar and drink rum while enjoying the sounds of the surf. This town is an ideal choice for anyone planning cycling holidays. The streets and paved paths make it easy to navigate by bicycle.

Madagascar has everything you need for an engaging and exciting holiday. You can explore ruins, visit villages that were once popular with pirates and explore the jungle. Plan a trip to this amazing island for your next vacation.


Peter Smith regularly covers the best travel destinations from around the world for a range of vacation websites and blogs. He has profiled some of the best cycling holidays and walking holiday options for active travelers who are looking for adventure.