Madagascar: Perfect for Adventure Holidays for Singles

This is a guest post by Ben Scriber

A famous explorer once recounted how magnificent and remarkable forms of life can be found with every step in Madagascar. While this may have been back in 1771, not much has changed since then. Indeed, islolated for millions of years, Madagacar remains a perfect haven of biodiversity.


There are so many splendid attractions on the island of Madagascar that choosing the highlights is not an easy task. However, exploring the fascinating Spiny Forests, where thorn-covered euphorbia trees and three-cornered palms dominate the fauna and visiting the Andringitra National Park, where you can go in search of both the Coquerel’s sifaker lemur and the infamous indri, are experiences that are hard to beat. Indeed, Madagascar has more than 10,000 species of plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. This has led many specialists to describe Madagascar as the “eighth continent”.

Getting There

Madagascar, or more formally, the Republic of Madagascar, is an island (the fourth largest in the world, in fact) that is situated in the Indian Ocean just off Africa’s southeastern coast. Flights to Madagascar are available throughout Europe and are generally provided by Air Madagascar, Corsair and Air France. There are numerous airports on the island while the main one remains Anananarivo Airport (TNR); Fascene Airport and Tamatave Airport are also quite busy. On average, a flight from London will take between 14 and 17 hours.

The Andringitra National Park

Located in the Fianarantsoa Province some 47 kilometres to the south of Ambalavao, The Andringitra National Park was established in 1999 and is currently run by the WWF working in association with the Madagascar National Parks Association. Over 140 kilometres of the Tropic of Capricorn runs through the park and more than 50 species of mammal, 100 varieties of bird and 55 frog species can be found there. Beautiful waterfalls, dramatic peaks and a unique landscape grace the National Park of Andringitra and this is why it is regarded by many as the most scenic national park on the whole of the island. In addition, the park is characterized by a combination of massive mountains (which can reach some 2658m in height) and deep ridges and valleys. Andringitra can also be separated into three distinct areas: the area of highland forest, the area of low altitude rainforest and the area known as the montane mountain. For those embarking on adventure holidays for singles, The Tsara Camp, which is located in the Tsaranoro Valley, makes ideal accommodation. Sandwiched between the Andringitra National Park and the 800 metre-high Tsaranoro Mountain, staying at the Tsara Camp is certainly a unique experience.

The Spiny Forests

 The Spiny forests of Madagascar are something that should not be missed. The best areas remain that of the Berenty Reserve, the Andohahela National Park and the Ifotaka and Mandrare River Camp. The Berenty Reserve is replete with fascinating ‘ring-tailed’ lemurs, so-called ‘dancing’ sifakas and a whole variety of other great fauna. With over 100 known species of bird and a plethora of fruit bats, owls and chamelions inhabiting the reserve, there is always plenty to see. Situated between the Berenty and Fort Dolphin, the Andohahela stretches for some 760 square kilometres. A combination of spiny forest and rainforest, the park is full of rare birds, numerous varieties of lemur, fanalouc and fosa. Finally, the dry spiny forest area of Ifotaka and Mandrare River Camp not only features an equal array of wildlife and fauna, but is also home to the proud Antandroy tribe, whose culture will have you quite literally captivated.

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