Are you aware of the Madagascar Biodiversity Fund?

A fund for Madagascar’s biodiversity? For what purposes? And what kind of projects would be eligible for such fund? What would be the selection criteria for projects? .. And so on and so forth … Those are questions that come to my mind whenever I hear about this concept (or should I say project/program?)

In fact, I can’t say I’m one of those experts in the biodiversity or conservation field, I’m just a lambda guy who’s eager on knowing (and eventually participating) into preserving the unique biodiversity of this island of mine. I’m aware that we’re losing a lot from this biodiversity each day that goes by even though I’m sure I don’t have the full picture.

Anyway, I’ve recently been into the TEDx where one of the speakers, Mialy Andriamahefazafy mentioned that  “Business based solutions are keys to the sustainable future of our Madagascar coasts and oceans” – I just can’t help but do the correlation between such ideas and this biodiversity fund – especially knowing that the word “fund” means projects as well as welfare generation (at least for me who’ve got some biased “business” point of view) … So, my question here is: am I totally out of my mind? Do I get it all wrong when it comes to understanding this Madagascar Biodiversity Fund? Or is this something that isn’t meant for the lambda guy who just want to have a “simpler view of things”? Well, I can see some people saying that I need to dig deeper(and I probably will), but from where I stand, as of now, I only want to have the “concise” presentation of this Fund (after all, the Fund have achieved putting a concise one minute video presenting the challenges).

I’ve been told that the website of the Fund is about to go live (from the time I’m writing this article, it hasn’t yet so I guess I’ll have to check back), but anyway, I invite you to check this video (with amazing pictures) produced by the fund (I would have embedded the video here but this feature have been disabled on the Fund’s youtube channel).

I guess I’ll have to stay tuned so as to know more about this fund.