See You On September1st For Another TEDxAntananarivo

TEDx TED madagascar blogsherpa antananarivo  See You On September1st For Another TEDxAntananarivo

I’ve heard that it will be held in a prestigious 5* hotel, the Carlton in Antananarivo. The communication guys even made it easy for me to remember that they now accept subscription for the event via the #TEDxTNR link (I guess I’ve gotta ask for some royalties for promoting for free their event while they charge for 20 000 ariary of entry fee – but that’s another story- a Mofo Gasy is fine guys LOL

But that’s the beauty of a TEDx event: it’s run and organized by a bunch of volunteers who want to spread the TED concept which is based on the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading” (ok, now, I guess you want to know more about TED and all the stuff that comes with it – sorry, you’ve gotta google it, since the only link you’ll see from my post is the “online subscription” form). Cm’on, don’t you want to join those crazy people who are fool enough to think that they can change the world by spreading ideas around the themes of Technology-Entertainment-Design?

Or is it that you’re afraid to pay for listening to Xhi sy M’aa ? I don’t know about you but I personally like the way they play with translating every popular foreign word into a malagasy word (and it’s way more interesting than trying to figure out how teens play with words with (s)texting.

Ok, ok … I can see you wondering if that’s a serious enough conference that you should spend a whole afternoon listening to. That’s fine. But a TED conference is everything but a “common” conference. So, if you want serious topics, you’ll get served. We’ve got thirty years old Malagasy guy who got published internationally while writing about the current Madagascar crisis. And if that’s not enough for you, and if you think that’s too young, then wait …. (let me randomly check into the list of speakers) … ok, we also have got another young guy who is a movie maker and he already aligned himself with the biggest of this world by attending the latest “Festival de Cannes” … How about that? Want more?

Ok, lemmie check into the “entertainment” side of TED: you’ll get a extraordinary list of artists as speakers, but TEDx is also an opportunity for you to discover already popular artists from a totally different angle: what about enjoying the Moajia group, or Rengite- that extraordinary artist that is combining the deep south’s music to slam? Or that Kougar guy (yes, a guy, not the Demi-Moore-like Cougar)

Frankly speaking, the list of speakers that will be aligned for this TEDx event is awesome.

So why am I talking about this crazy event on my blog? I do admit, I think the organizing team behind the TEDx event are just foolish ones – how dare they organize such a big event under such fuzzy environment in Madagascar? Can you imagine that? Anyway, hats-off guys. You totally deserve a round of applause (ok, I guess you’ll want to keep that round of applause for around 8PM on september 1st, but anyway …)

So, I think you’ve guessed it, I’ll surely be posting/tweeting/photo-ing/smiling at the TEDx event on September 1st- at Carlton Hotel. C U There (well, if you’re crazy enough, or serious enough about doing something)

P.S: if you want more news (in french) about how things go, and who else are participating into this TEDx event, go and check the official TED page of the event (see? this movement has a global reach) . Now, if you still aren’t convinced about subscribing to the event then you must be too normal and don’t really want to change this world. Promise this isn’t going to be a “back to black” session (as it is with the famous AC/DC song), even though the theme for this TEDx event is “Back to …”