Going down memory lanes with old photos

I just love the internet. I’m sure we all say that, and we all have our own reasons for doing so. But one of the reasons I love the Internet is that people are sharing a lot of interesting stuff: photos, private collections, insightful quotes, and so on and so forth.

Lately, on thing caught my eyes while hanging around on facebook: people kept on mentioning some old photos of Madagascar (mainly Antananarivo). Those were mainly black and white photos showing Antanarivo’s places, as well as some other cities too… The collection also show some old banknotes, old portraits of people posing , … An awesome collection.

I’ve just fetched the photos from Volana Raveloson’s album (well she clearly indicated those weren’t her photos either but she collected them and invited us to share … so here it goes)



All credits goes to Volana Raveloson who collected those awesome photos. I’m just the echoing chamber who want to bring it outside of Facebook for easier sharing.
You can find the original photos (with some comments) original album on her Facebook album