Here’s to a stumbling blog day 2011

Do you know that today(august 31st 2011) is a worldwide blog day ?  Ok, some (or most) of madafan readers won’t care – but since the blogosphere is such a wonderful way for opening oneself to other culture, other opinions, I think it’s worth taking a little time participating into it. And yes, blogging ain’t dead yet even if twitter and facebook (and soon Google +) are at the forefront …

So the principle is simple: each blogger will have to recommend 5 other blogs to their readers, those recommended blogs should be from a different culture/background (duh, that’ll be a bit hard since blogs that I read usually evolve around things that I have some interest into). So I’m not gonna talk about Madagascar, nor travel, nor technology, nor social media, nor the internet… Anyway, let’s play the game.

1- 500px photo blog

I have to admit that since I am an amateur photographer (read: photography lover, but, ok, I assume it and I’m not afraid to admit that I still have a lot to learn in this field), since I’ve discovered 500px, I just can’t escape from getting my daily dose from this platform. The community around it is so inspirational and the editors are doing a great job selecting few photos to feature on their blog. Truly inspiring. Being an amateur, looking at those great photos are intimidating at first, but then, if you feel courageous enough, then you’ll get that sparkle and will think “holy kaw, I’ll get to that level of mastering photography someday – and the sooner the better” … Anyway, for any photo-junkie out there, get your fix through 500px blogs …

2-  a blog from inside your kitchen

I know, I know, this is  a skyrock blog, and it’s not even a blog that is maintained by the personality that is described there: Carinne Teyssandier … But anyway… Should we always be serious guys? But finding blogs out of my regular readings is a bit hard to do now. In fact, I chose Carinne because I just like watching her TV cooking show (in french) (I must probably like something more than her show, but anyway, not only she’s a great cook, but I like her smile and her presence during the show, and she’s got very nice fingers LOL) … So, does this entry count into the blog list? (BTW, who’s gonna validate if my blog post if eligible for blog day 2011?) … And in case my wife is reading this post, then I’ll shout it out loud for everyone to hear: my wife’s a great cook too (she loves pastry cooking, and I love giving feedbacks on tastes and decorating) …. Ooooh, and BTW, happy BDay honey madagascar blogsherpa blogday2011 blog  Heres to a stumbling blog day 2011  – don’t get me wrong, this time it’s “happy birthday”, not “happy blog day”)

3- Ahh, those hilarious autocorrect

Any smartphone user has probably seen his smartphone trying to be smarter than humans… For some tasks, a smartphone can be impressive, but when it comes to autocorrect suggestions, they just fail ridiculously … And most of the time, you only find out your error when the text/e-mail is already sent …. duh? where’s the “cancel” button … Hmm, those “can sell” trendy devices has no “cancel” button. This blog is just hilarious – especially when you’re not the one that has done the error. My favorite one is when they simulate Steve Jobs resignation: so did Steve Jobs reign as Apple CEO, or did he resign as Apple CEO? Ask the rain

4- getting things done

Oops, how come there’s such a serious topic introduced into that list? Probably because I’ve lost track of blogs I actually follow when I want to discover new things. In fact, I go stumbleuponing (hehehe, if no one has ever coined that term, then I revendicate it LOL). Anyway, for those who know it GTD or Getting Things Done is a very popular approach to dealing with what they call a stress-free productivity. It is based from the book and the mentoring of David Allen. Frankly speaking, I love the concepts of this GTD approach and I’d love to be able to actually implement it – but once I arrived at the middle of this book and whe he started saying: take 2 full days for reorganizing all your clutter and start implementing the principles of GTD, I do admit I “disconnected” … But anyway, this is a great approach and the blog still keeps on giving you great advices for becoming more productive. Worth a read (but I highly recommend you reading the latest GTD publication)

5- what if there’s no 5 in the list?

would anyone punish me because I haven’t finished my homework? The good thing that I like when writing on my own blog is that I can do whatever I want … hehehe … So I know you guyz out there wanted us bloggers to produce a list of 5 blogs to recommend, but that’s the beauty of a blog: you aren’t supposed to comply with all the rules out there … So I say 4 it is, 4 it will remain …

People, thanks for reading and do pay a visit to the blogs I just mentioned above … Theydeserve it …

And, oh, happy Blog Day 2011






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