Sar’Nao 2011: check the program of this month of photography

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The kick-off of Sar’Nao, the second edition of the now well-established “month of photography” was done at the lobby of the Louvre hotel last night, gathering most of the malagasy photography world (well, at least those who could make it to Antananarivo). Right before the opening at 6 PM, photo lovers started the afternoon by a walk through Antananarivo downtown, starting from Anosy lake, heading to the kilometer 0 which is at the Soarano railway station. Those happy photographers then went up to Louvre to attend the opening ceremony.

This year, photographers were challenged to produce 10 photos for an individual exhibition, and another set of 10 photos for a collective exhibition. The themes that has been selected are the following:

– “Art an-tsary”: anything photographic that is artistic-related

– “La ville dans tous ses états”: urban life

– “Nature et biodiversité”: self-explanatory

– “Proof report in photojournalism”

– “virtual reality”

The Stenop’Art-As’Art association is the organizer of this annual month of photography. As per the organizers, ”Sar’nao” has two meanings:

  • “Sar’nao” AKA Sarinao in Malagasy, literally translated into “your photo”. The organizers have made a mention in their presentation book that it means “your clichés” whether you are a newbie, an amateur or professional photographer
  • “Sar’nao” which is an allusion to the malagasy word “Sarona ao”, literally translated into “which covers it all” as the event covers photography and anything related to visual arts.

This year’s visual representation of Sar’Nao refers to a Baobab as a tribute to this year being the year of the forest.

So without further ado, here is the program of the month (I mainly wrote this article for those who couldn’t figure out a damn thing from the JPG program that is available on other places on the internet)


1 EXPO 1: Art an-tsary Le Louvre 07/09 to 07/15
2 EXPO 2: Nature et biodiversité (1) IFM (ex CCAC) 07/13 to 07/21
3 EXPO 3: Nature et biodiversité/ restitution formations AFT 07/18 to 07/30
4 EXPO 4: “La ville dans tous ses états” (urban photography)/ photojournalism/photomontage IFM (ex CCAC) 07/23 to 07/30


1 EXPO 1: “En plein dans le mille” by Tiana Rabenantoandro Le Louvre 07/02 to 07/08
2 EXPO 2: “Hira gasy, art ancestral malgache” by Tsilavo Rapiera (hira gasy photo samples available on this link) IFM (ex CCAC) 07/04 to /07/11
3 EXPO 3: “Force et action” by Mamy Raoelison Le Louvre 07/16 to 07/22
4 EXPO 4: “Diversité faunistique de Madagascar“ by Bruno Raveloson CGM 07/22 to 07/30
5 EXPO 5: “Tontolo ivelany” by Andonavalona Le Louvre 07/23 to 07/29


1 Photojournalisme by Dany Be Au bon accueil Ambatonakanga 07/08 to 07/31
2 Rijasolo CGM 07/11 to 07/20
3 Exposition coréenne Le Louvre 07/30 to 08/07


1 La crise du photojournalisme IFM (ex CCAC) 07/16 at 10:00AM
2 Sur les droits des artistes photographes, Avec la participation de l’OMDA IFM (ex CCAC) 07/23 at 10:00 AM


Intervenants: Fabrice Delannoy, Daddy Marotiana, Seta Ramaroson IFM (ex CCAC) 07/22; 07/30 10:00 AM to 12/00AM; 2:00PM to 4:00 PM
Proclamation des résultats et remise des prix 

Clôture de l’évènement Sar’Nao

Nuit Sar’Nao et projection

AFT 07/30/2011 at 6:00 PM

I will probably meet you at some of those exhibitions photography madagascar exhibition blogsherpa antananarivo  SarNao 2011: check the program of this month of photography And as one of my photographic “mentor” said “you keep shooting”