Furcifer quest in Ibity – antsirabe

madagascar ibity antsirabe  Furcifer quest in Ibity   antsirabe Antsirabe, a place that I particularly appreciate as this is the town of my childhood (in fact, Antsirabe town is where I attended my primary and secondary school while I actually lived in Fifamanor- 3 km from Andranomanelatra, 18 km from Antsirabe’s town) – A wink to those Fifamanor’s kids (not kids anymore) reading this post BTW (when are we going to play “Bandy sy rôla” across  the whole Mimosa “cité” madagascar ibity antsirabe  Furcifer quest in Ibity   antsirabe

madagascar ibity antsirabe  Furcifer quest in Ibity   antsirabe

The furcifer chameleon. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia

Anyway, Madafan went to the Enjoy 2010  Madagascar exhibition and this post is one of the “voan-dàlana” that we want to share with you: trekking in the Ibity mountain searching for the furcifer chameleon. Thanks to the “Office Régional du Tourisme du Vakinakaratra” for providing us with some of the elements.

The Ibity massif: 25 km from Antsirabe on the national road heading to Fianarantsoa can be accessed either from the “commune rurale” of Ibity, from Sahanivotry or from Manandona (Ibity is 9.5 km south-east of Manandona).

For trekkers, it’s good to know that this massif’s altitude is 1900m, 13.5km long and 8km large for a total of 45km2. MATOR Madagascar rural tourism association will guide you through the trails so as to discover about 20  endemic flora species, bats and other insectivorous species, and the furcifer … Another interesting scenery consists of appreciating the tapia tree growing on quartzite.  It’s interesting to know that the Ibity’s peak (2254m) is the highest quartzite peak in Madagascar. While wandering into the Ibity site, you’ll go through natural pool, some royal graves as well as a rova (a royal’s palace).

As rural tourism is also part of the attraction in this region, you can see the peasants weaving the silk- called “landy” in Malagasy. As the local community is involved in this rural activity, you can stay at the inhabitant – a network of rural family are working with the Furcifer association in order to give you a better sense of how’s their daily lives. Otherwise, you can stay and eat at the Bakobako cottage.

So now you know that once you’re planning your stay in Antsirabe, either for the gemstones, the thermal source or for any other reason, you’ve got another experience to live through rural tourism in this Ibity location.

If you have anything else worth discovering in Antsirabe or its surroundings, feel free to mention it on the comment section …