TEDxAntananarivo: a fake scarcity marketing strategy invite-only event?

So what’s the fuss with this buzz around a TEDxAntananarivo event while it’s an invite-only event? This is one thing that I’ve been asked by some fellows and I do understand them – in fact, having received my invite makes me feel a bit awkward to answer this. Yes, a lot of people don’t get the TED concept yet (don’t shout it loud, but although I read about TED, there are many things I don’t get yet too)

Anyway, one thing’s for sure, the organisers have chosen to select by themselves the 100 people that will attend this event. And I do admit they’ve brought together big guys (makes me feel proud to be a blogger to cover it- not  the guy who does the show but hey, I’ll hear and report about whatever is going on there… BTW, feel free to send me some tips about whatever you’d like to see covered during this event, I’ll be glad to do it whether it is the food, the talks, the attendance, or backoffice-view of the event)

So TEDxAntananarivo wants everybody to know about this event while filtering people to get-in? Is it a subtle marketing strategy whereby you create some scarcity so as to increase the value of the event? Or is it just because the venue can’t handle more than 100 people? Or is it because some of the sponsors put this as a prerequisite before participating? Or what else , what’s the point? Don’t know yet the answer … (well, they should have thought twice before taking me as an official blogger – but I think they are mature-enough people who can handle those kind of feedbacks… )

Feel free to give your opinion on this question on the comments below. (as long as you’re commenting constructively, I won’t moderate your comments- and trust me, organisers read those blog posts)

So I checked on the official TED website, you know, I just wondered if the organisers are serious enough and are “officially” allowed to organise such event, and yes TEDxAntananarivo is actually on the map.

In the meantime, here are my two cents on this question of “invite-only event”

– it probably is a format imposed by the TED event. Remember, TED events has been going on for 25 years now, they probably have learned from experience what’s the best format for such event. Anyway, the only format I know of as of today is that speakers will do a 9 minute talk on a scene with a dark background and a big screen, bloggers will write and tweet whatever they like about the event

– it’s about creating a core-community first so as to be able to make spreading the ideas easier, and easier to monitor. Well, it may make sense as the fewer people are, the more focused they can be and the richer the exchange are.

– there’s a lot of different TED themes/event to chose from so as not to do a “one-size-fits-all” event. Just take a look at the different variations of TED event and you’ll see the bigger picture. Is it that Madagascar don’t have yet enough people who can talk about the theme “Time to go green”? I doubt so. Or is it that there aren’t enough initiative innovative and worth to spread enough in Madagascar? Probably. Or is it that you can’t satisfy everybody so you’d better segment your attendance…Since we’re talking about marketing here, this probably makes sense .

I often refer to marketing here because I just discovered that Seth Godin is a regular speaker of TED (the global one) – and those who ever tried to consider the internet for marketing purposes (especially those who ever tried blogging) already stumbled upon this well-respected guy’s ideas/products.

Anyway, I’ve been told there are still invites available. If you are really interested to participate into this event, feel free to pitch the organisers on twitter @TEDxTana, or get in touch on the official facebook page (clearly ask for invite)

  • http://ariniaina.wordpress.com ariniaina

    Congrats, they’ve thought of inviting you. I don’t know if I’d ask or not. You know me, I always want to be in any project (BAD, One Day on Earth, Barcamp…) and bring my support as long as it is about blogging, citizen media and stuff but asking for an invitation??? Frankly speaking, I don’t know,… I don’t wanna ask. I’ll feel bad thinking of… you know… like begging “pleeeease, invite me”
    I’ve commented on Fb saying that I was interested but it’s up to them now.
    Well, good luck buddy and keep up the great job ;)

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Ariniaina: I do understand you. You’re not the only one who has that feeling – just got some similar feed-back.

    Anyway, expect lots of tweets during the event, and you can eventually join via livetweeting? #TEDxTana is the hashtag

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  • http://1975jmr.wordpress.com 1975jmr ???

    I’m always waiting my TEDxTana invit ;-)
    How I could to get one ? Thanks :-)
    1975jmr ???´s last blog post ..Festival Madajazzcar octobre 2010

  • http://www.madafan.com madafan

    Hey Jean Marc, unfortunately. I’m not managing the invite DM @TEDxTana, or go to the facebook. I’ve been told that some tickets are available at MAKATY (immeuble flamboyant)

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