Jenny Raharivola: paint this island in green …

TEDxTana madagascar artist  Jenny Raharivola: paint this island in green ... Some people want to paint the town red, Jenny Raharivola wants to paint the island in green. Jenny Raharivola is a young artist specialized in composing and singing for humanitarian and environmental causes. The first time I heard about her was when I first heard the official song for the Vakanala NGO – the warmth of her voice as well as the complexity of the composition bluffed me – she’s only 22 but so talented.

Jenny explained to me that she initially called this song “Vakon’ny ala”, then the Vakanala NGO asked her to allow them to use the song for their cause, though detaching her from the song. The song then got rebaptized “Vakon’Ala”.

update from the artist: This song initially was called “Genesisy” as Jenny started working on it at the age of 11. “Genesisy” because whatever inspired Jenny started back then, and it was also the beginning of her career as a musician. It took 11 years to Jenny to finalize this song and the song got renamed “Vakanala song”. A last renaming was brought to the song, who became “Vakon’Ala” (forest cultivating): the idea is to use that song for any environmental cause – there’s no exclusivity to Vakanala NGO. This also help Jenny and Vakanala go on separate ways as Vakanala NGO only use this song for communication purposes while Jenny is still the owner.

She was a bit stressed as she was to open the ceremony with her show as the beginning of the event got delayed – that wasn’t the best conditions for a first scene (according to her, TEDxAntananarivo was the first time she would actually play in front of an actual public, even though she already played on different occasions for private events) … All I can say is that her show set the tone for TEDxAntananarivo- and Jenny- who played with two backing vocals and one percussionist – did great with her accoustic guitar.

The lyrics of this song are too important that I think you should take some time assimilating it. So here’s a video showing those lyrics (a nice opportunity to enjoy Jenny’s talent too)

One thing’s for sure, she is promised to achieving big goals – and as realistic as she can be, she knows that at some point of time, the show-business will cross her road, she definitely knows that she’s in it for a cause: the humanitarian and environmental cause.

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