Anja Besson TEDx talk: the intruder?

TEDxTana madagascar Anja Besson  Anja Besson TEDx talk: the intruder?

Anja told it herself: she felt like an intruder as everybody was talking about social entrepreneurship while she was about to talk about design, more specifically about the creation-process of a designer. Don’t worry Anja, your franchise during the talk was just refreshing (although telling us that some customers give you a headache when chosing a color is probably a bit awkward). Anyway, now I know how the wall of the Gare of Soarano entry to the first store has been made. Have a look at it if you ever go to this place, she did it. Anyway, TED is also about Design, and you brought that design part of the game.

The interesting thing is that she keeps on reminding us that designers also draw.

Anja BessonRasolondraibe AKA A.B.R isn’t one of those designers that you can classify into one category that fits-it-all. Born in Paris, she attended graphical and object design at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, then went to Milan Naba  Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (Naba School) where she acquired deeper knowledge on interior and product design. Inspired by Italy’s artistic culture, she improved her drawing and photography skills under Enzo Mari’s supervision. As if she couldn’t stay too long in one place (she loves travelling), she moves back to Paris and joined Vogue Paris, and Agnes B. Those experiences matured her design skills, but i also lead her to meet her idol: Issey Miyake.

Want to “feel more” about the artist’s coup-de-coeur, visit her blog.

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