A new beginning …

madagascar blogsherpa  A new beginning … A year and a half down the road, one can say that madafan.com has stepped up from an initiative that initially sparkled from a frustration to a more targeted Madagascar travel and conservation platform.

This slowly started with few posts that were born as my inspiration came up, followed by some late night writing (when I wasn’t lazy/busy enough to write whatever I had in my mind – and gosh, my list of article themes to address on madafan is long); then madafan tried to have other people write or guest post (thanks Solofo, Brett and Lova). Lately, I imported some similar topics from other excellent people’s blog so as to give more in-depth and diverse approach to showcasing Madagascar. Thanks to Ariniaina and Rhett Butler (from mongabay.com) for allowing madafan to relay their posts on Madafan.com. All of these follow the same principle: set madafan.com as a hub for anything related to Madagascar travel/conservation from the touristic point of view.

A year and a half down the road, madafan has been through challenges and successes. Challenges are meant to be overcome, but we are also proud of some of our achievements:

– Peers’ recognition: this is by far Madafan.com biggest achievement. Whether it is by being a published syndicated author on Tips from the T-List (a group of the worlds greatest travel and travel industry bloggers), or a 2009/2010 featured lonelyplanet.com blogger. Finally, last week, madafan.com has won (with other bloggers) the WeBlogTravel.com World Bloggers Travel Contest 2010 edition. I just don’t count the amazing connections I made throughout this journey: tweeps, blog commenters, friendfeeders and facebookers … thanks for your support, and expecting to exchange more with you… Hey, a special mention to  my IRL fellows (IRL: In Real Life) … Sounds like Madafan has become a brand associated to anything Madagascar travel related … A lot of “world”-related recognition out there, now’s the time to deliver more …

– numbers: amazingly, madafan.com hasn’t published that much number of posts (well, not high enough compared to the number of topics I wish I wrote, but that also leaves me with enough list to tap into when inspiration doesn’t want to collaborate). I dare say madafan hasn’t even covered 0.01% of what can be shared about this country full of contrast and so diverse that when we initially chosed the motto “discover Madagascar”, this also applied to ourselves. However, most of my 800 twitter followers, 282 RSS subscribers and 88 (only) facebook fans has chosen to follow/exchange because they like madafan’s approach. It’s clear it’s hard to cope with all those social media profiles, and it seems clear to me that getting back to basics will help madafan improve its connection with its fans, though while keeping up with those social media profiles, we will focus more on e-mail communications, so I invite you to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter (you’ll be prompted to subscribe once you go to madafan.com)

The title of this post is “a new beginning”: well I’ve already mentioned it on other posts, and you can see it from the new design of the blog too (which has been done so as to be more inline with our new approach), but to sum it up, all those achievements drive a lot more expectations and we hope madafan.com will be able to deliver, and more importantly, we hope Madafan.com has showcased that if only one person (I like to say madafan team is composed of me and myself) could get those results, we expect a tremendous set of positive results once we have motivated any tourism-related player in Madagascar to contribute. Share the word: madafan is inviting you to join the ride and share it here (or whoever has something to share about Madagascar from a tourism perspective) .

Thank you all and see you on the next post/tweet/comment/e-mail …And keep on planning your visit to Madagascar