Taolagnaro to welcome 900 cruisers on march 2010

 Taolagnaro to welcome 900 cruisers on march 2010
 Taolagnaro to welcome 900 cruisers on march 2010 photo credit: joiseyshowaa

So a cruise will land in Taolagnaro on march 28th 2010, bringing 900 english-speaking tourists to this wonderful city of  Madagascar for 9 hours. The tourism ministry even held a special session to “motivate” tourism actors in this city so as to shine and give the best of them during this 9 hour stop… I can’t help but wonder: isn’t it what those actors are already supposed to do for any lambda tourist (whether their number is 900 or 1)?
Then english speakers and english teachers are encouraged to actively participate into this “event”. This is awkward. I frankly don’t know if I should be happy that people recognize the importance of speaking english, or if I should be concerned because those tourists and the local counterpart would have to communicate by way of writing on a piece of paper the price while bargaining (I had this kind of experience being on the tourist side while buying something in Hanoï few years ago, and while it was memorable in some way, it didn’t help much – even though the vendor kept on smiling). Nonetheless, the experience can be interesting for both sides  Taolagnaro to welcome 900 cruisers on march 2010

Despite all those sarcastic comments I have, I fully concur with the idea that each opportunity to shine should be seized given that tourism has suffered a lot this last year. By the way, I am wondering how does Friendly Planet go with their scheduled 2010 cruise to Madagascar that they asked for.

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