More to come for 2010 …

Beginning of a new year (or decade) always comes with its set of
“looking-back” session. Madafan just want to begin this year by
thanking you all for this exciting and enriching experience.
I can’t name you all (and I don’t want to risk myself forgetting some
importanant names- although you are all important)
- To the early believers and supporters: guys you rock… A lot of
people were convinced(and they still are) I’m crazy starting a
travel-related blog on Madagascar while we are in the middle of a
crisis, truth being said, they may be right  More to come for 2010 ... but we need foolish
people to accomplish big thing
- To my network of friends (on twitter, friendfeed, facebook, and even
my college alumni network  More to come for 2010 ... who shouted-out
madagascar-travel-related infos that was worth shouting out on
Madafan: thank you for looking out for us  More to come for 2010 ... BTW, it was really
impressive to give the impression that Madafan could find unique (by
that time) infos. Readers thought I was doing a great job although I
was alone working on the project, but in fact you are the one behind
this work and you deserve a round of applause
- who didn’t want to start this concept, though pushing us to do it by
ourselves… Well, thank you too as you’ve contributed to stepping
madafan from a concept to reality,
A big Hug and thank you and looking forward to more exchanges for this
new year/decade

Although Madafan only started on April 2009, it’s good to see that
we’ve made some nice achievements:
- a nice and fully-featured wordpress theme, thanks to Justin
Tadlock’s hybrid theme framework (I could receive a free membership
access to his themes in lieu of a malagasy translation of the hybrid
theme)- so malagasy people, grab and use this wonderful wordpress
theme, Justin rocks,
- madafan author found its way to being republished on different major
travel-related networks including and
- Madafan is very active on different online social networks
- Madafan launched the first-ever collection of user-generated
travel-related videos about Madagascar
- and more importantly, we made new friends…

So what are we working on for the future?
- madafan continually feed (and invite people to help) add more videos
to the madagascar video collection on The
vision is simple: not only do we collect videos, but with geotagging
of media infos becoming popular, and with a better internet connection
that will cover the whole country sooner or later, Madagascar can give
a better touristic experience with useful infos, and why not bring
“augmented reality” to Madagascar. Imagine a tourist standing starting
a pangalanes boat-ride, and having wikipedia, flickr and any other
infos displayed on his mobile phone or laptop while actually enjoying
the experience, wouldn’t that be nice?
- Madafan is inviting selected authors to write on this blog, though
making it a group-blog.Madagascar is big and full of contrast and
worth-discovering places and activities: I can’t do the one-man-show
trying to cover-it-all, we have to rely on true experts and passionate
people to share their stories/experiences. You think you fall into
this category, contact us at
- we will finally continue to work on making madafan the top-of-mind
ressources for travellers when it comes Madagascar. In the eyes of
google, we are only PR 3 as of now, we will focus more on attracting
more targeted visitors to the site

Stay tuned, and get your feet wet by contributing one way or another
to the madafan experience  More to come for 2010 ...