Write for madafan.com, free publicity for your Madagascar tourism activity while getting published on different networks

write madagascar article  Write for madafan.com, free publicity for your Madagascar tourism activity while getting published on different networks

Share your Madagascar travel experience to the world (photo cc by audreym on flickr)

Madafan always wanted to be a platform where anyone who travelled or lived in Madagascar can share their experience, their recommendations
(as well as the “avoid it” places/activities) that Madafan readers ought to know, though setting-up a vibrant community of  Madagascar-fans.

We definitely aim to have everybody fom every corner of Madagascar write articles about what’s worth visiting in their town/region or small village. Articles highlighting not-so-well known places or activities are highly encouraged- while other perspectives on well-known places are highly appreciated. So if you feel inspired by a nice place to have a “composé and mofo gasy”, a nice spot for surfing,or tips for chosing your taxi brousse seat (the list can go on, you name it ) Madafan welcomes your input.

The idea is simple: you can write an article that we will publish on Madafan- you are given a bio box where you can sell yourself while the article itself should add value to Madafan readers. For example: you have a restaurant in Belo-sur-mer, you can submit an article about what are the “must see/do” in Belo-sur-mer, then Madafan will introduce you with the following “Yourname is the manager of Restaurant XXX in Belo Sur Mer. You can contact him at xxx@yyy.com or http://www.xxx.com. Don’t forget to stop by an enjoy his special grilled fish when you drive by Belo-sur-Mer”

Do contact us at http://www.madafan.com/contact-us/ if you are interested, we’ll be happy to help you get your article published (madafan editor can eventually help translating from french/malagasy to english). Do contact us, it’s a win-win-win solution: madafan wins by providing new useful content to its readers, you gain free publicity while having access to madafan’s network, madafan readers get insightful info they may not find from usual guidebooks…

Remember, article posted on madafan.com are automatically spread through the internet, and you may want to know that, from now on, any article published on www.madafan.com can automatically be published on
the well-known lonelyplanet’s website, on the madagascar section (check by yourself at the bottom-left of http://www.lonelyplanet.com/madagascar ). That’s a huge outreach campaign for your article.
Articles from madafan.com are also distributed to the travel blogger’s hub tipsfromthetlist.com where influential bloggers dealing with travel 2.0 are published.
Finally, every article of madafan.com are automatically published on twitter, it gets published on my facebook wall as well as Madafan’s facebook fan page, we are working on including it on different facebook groups…
To summarize, madafan is working hard on having its content (and your
articles) published on targeted groups of people interested in Madagascar (who either subscribe by e-mail, RSS or access those content on madafan.com website or other partners site).

Until the first flow of articles, wish you peace and love for these coming holidays. Contact us for more details at http://www.madafan.com/contact-us/ . This is Madafan’s christmas gift, hope you’ll like it and jump into this oneofakind opportunity.

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