While Copenhague’s summit was deceiving, know more about a local community managed park: Anja park

Ok, the Copenhaghue’s title is a little catchy here  While Copenhagues summit was deceiving, know more about a local 	community managed park: Anja park Nonetheless,
it’s a good introduction to this small but how effective local
community initiative that is worth a shout out (you know the kind of
initiative that doesn’t even have a marketing budget but who deserve a
round of applause for what it’s doing)…we’re going to talk about a
36hectares park on the RN7 in Madagascar- probably the smallest park
in Madagascar: Anja park. The community in this park isn’t talking
about billions of dollars for environment issues, its population live
and breathe by and for their environment…
Anja park is visited yearly by 8000 tourists, mainly because it’s
located on one of the most popular circuit in Madagascar, the RN7,
heading south from Antananarivo, and it’s only 6 km from Ambalavao
(the second biggest zebu market in Madagascar, which is also home of
the antaimoro paper).
Anja park is managed by the local community through the “anja miray
association”. This association was created on 1998, where, from from
39, members grew up to 180 as of now.
One of the smallest park in Madagascar,the park has three circuits you
can chose from:
– petit boucle: 1hour
– moyen boucle:2 hours
– grand boucle:6 hours
Between 7 to 8 AM,you can assist to the lemur catta’s morning
“shower”, geckos and other spiders can also be seen in this little
Being located in the heart of the betsileo region, the tourist can be
shown ancient betsileo habitat as well as ancient funeral rituals.
The local guides will take you through the discovery of some medicinal
plants that serve as mosquito repellent, chewing-gum, stomach-pain
For those who have some time, and are in good shape, you can chose to
climb the 1456m altitude rock-mountain (it’s so inclined that you
walk/climb it using your hands and feet- a doggy-style “walk”)

As an aside note to the benefits the community have received from
preserving their environment while making their park a touristic spot,
this local community has built new classrooms, trained their members
to new skills(weaving, “carpe royale” fish production as well as
growing tomatoes) … Not bad for a local community that has no access
to all the bell and whistle of Copenhague’s summit

Whenever you do the south Madagascar circuit, stop by the Anja Park,
not the biggest one, nor the richest one, but a nice experience to

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