Ikopa by canoe this saturday

So the second edition of Enjoy Madagascar took place last week-end, I
just want to report some activities that I found interesting for those
who are in Madagascar.

1- Ikopa by canoe
This coming saturday, as part of the monthly outing organized by the
ORTANA (Analamanga’s regional tourism bureau), 80 people will have the
chance to “ride” the Ikopa river on Madamax’s canoe (this is not a
paid advert for Madamax, but they are doing great things that are
worth a shout-out, and I know they’re reading madafan madagascar ikopa canoe blogsherpa  Ikopa by canoe this saturday
You may still try to subscribe at ORTANA office (if there are still
remaining places), then head over to Analakely’s esplanade this
saturday at 7 AM with an outfit that is ready-to-be-wet (remember,
you’ll be on canoe)… Don’t forget to bring your lunch (you’d
probably want to take a light lunch). In the middle of the course,
you’ll coast and have lunch while doing your part for planting trees
in Madagascar, then you’ll continue the canoe-ride. You’ll probably
arrive at final destination of the canoe ride at 4PM, then have a
car-ride back to Antananarivo… Hurry-up if you’re interested for
20000Ariary/person (10USD), it’s more than a bargain…

2- mad’arbres
I also had the chance to rediscover mad’arbres who is specialized on
tree-climbing (in Malagasy, it means “mianika hazo”, the slang meaning
for “mianin-kazo” refers to “getting high”, “addicted to drugs” madagascar ikopa canoe blogsherpa  Ikopa by canoe this saturday
Well, although the “getting high” synonym is a bit inappropriate,
mad’arbres will totally get you high on trees… I’ve seen they even
have aficionados who gathererd into an association based somewhere in
Tsarasaotra park (too bad I don’t have the contacts).

There has been other interesting activities that I (re)discovered
during this enjoy2009 event, those are the ones I can write about
while I’m stuck here in the middle of nowhere waiting for I don’t know
what (lucky enough I can access my e-mail so I can blog)

Now over to you, what other activities you’d suggest for locals?