“I met Madagascar”: showcase Madagascar products you find abroad

 I met Madagascar: showcase Madagascar products you find abroad

Madagascar bourbon

Just wandered in a TJMaxx shop somewhere in Tysons corner in Virginia- US and stumbled upon this wonderful surprise that I wanted to share with Madafan readers. Everytime I have to travel outside Madagascar, I’m always eager on finding some Madagascar-related items around me- this time it happened at a time where I didn’t expect it at all.

When the surprise effect’s gone, it triggered a nice concept that I think is definitely worth a deeper digging further, and I really do hope Madafan readers will join the ride on this one. Let’s call this concept “I met Madagascar”
This is the idea: Madafan readers are from every corner of the world (or at least, WILL BE, because it’s too pretending to say it’s already the case as of now). I’m calling for an action from any Madagascar fans out there: whenever you stumble upon a Madagascar-related item (product, travel-related mention, …), do Madafan community a favor:
– take a picture(or even a video) of it
– upload it somewhere on the internet
– tell us more about it (what is it, where and when did you make such an “encounter”)

During another trip, I remember I have found one typical raphia-based basket that was sold in one of the trendy sport shop somewhere within Cape Town’s Canal walk mall (too bad I didn’t have my camera that time). Handcrafts from Malagasy artisans are exported in different countries in the world as well as essential oils. I’m pretty sure there are other Madagascar products that we all can see wherever we are in this world. This brings me to the feeling that Madagascra products can be found almost everywhere in this world, so if you find some outside of Madagascar, join the “I met Madagascar” concept and share your story.

I guess the following list gives you an idea of what you can stumble upon where you are (although this list is not exhaustive)

– travel offers

– essential oil products

– vanilla-based products

– shrimps products

– photos and videos

– other souvenirs

Here are few ways for you to flag it:

– the easiest way to flag it is by commenting and putting the link on this post

– if you are on twitter, I suggest we use the hashtag #ImetMG

– any tag-compatible platform(flickr, delicious, stumbleupon, …), just flag what you’re uploading with “ImetMG” (standing for “I met Madagascar” )

We will probably improve the technical side for collecting things later on, but so far let’s keep this game going and see where it brings us…You never know…

Over to you  I met Madagascar: showcase Madagascar products you find abroad

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