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Best of Malagasy blog "vita gasy" category where would fit

Madafan is about “discovering” Madagascar, and given the crisis we have now, you may think that there has actually been bombs that exploded in Madagascar. Well, sorry to “disappoint” but the bomb I’m talking about here stands for “Best Of Malagasy Blogs”- the second edition, as the first one happened in 2007. Just couldn’t resist to the temptation of having that provocative title. Anyway, stay with me on this one.

The malagasy blogosphere has evolved a lot those last years. And although this year has seen a lot of political-oriented blog (due to the current crisis), digging deeper can show you some jewels that are not always politically-related. But those bloggers need your support so that they write more.

Whether you want to discover new posts about Madagascar from other bloggers (because you want to have another perspective than Madafan’s one malagasy. blogs best 2009  BOMBS discovered in Madagascar , or whether you want to show your support to those confirmed or soon-to-be confirmed bloggers, you can join the ride and submit your favorite blogs to the contest.

This year, these categories has been chosen:

“Teny gasy” for blogs that are mainly written in Malagasy – Malagasy is Madagascar’s language (and BTW, Malagasy is also the name of people from Madagascar)

“Tanora gasy” literally “malagasy youth”… The funny thing is that even people over 81 years old are considered “youth”…

“vita gasy”: blogs that highlight the social and cultural aspects of Madagascar.

– readers’ “coup de coeur” where you can submit your pick that does not necessarily fit to the previous categories

You’ve got up to November 26th 2009 at 6 AM EST time for submitting your favorite blog. On november 30rd 2009, a chatroom will be launched for readers to support their favorite blogs and choose their “coup de coeur” and winners will be announced on january 4th 2010 at 6 AM EST.
Detailed rules are available here [fr].

Do you want to read more about people that are “madagascar-related”? Vote for them, show them your support.

If you are on Facebook, here is the way to the facebook event
Otherwise  BOMBS is also active on Twitter

  • Anonymous
  • jogany

    thank god you ‘re in da place.

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  • Nadine Mamodehoussen

    Write a comment…

  • Paul Hery

    Salut, tena mahazendana mihintsy sady mahafinaritra ny mahita zavatra tsara ataonareo tahaka izaoTohizo fa tsara e!

  • Hery Zo Rakotondramanana

    @Paul Hery: Misaotra anao e. Dia entanina koa ianao hitoraka bilaogy e (sa efa manao fa izaho no tsy maharaka?)

  • Mahefa Randimbisoa

    Amporisihina izany ny mpitoraka bilaogy ho lasa mpitoraka baomba?

  • Hery Zo Rakotondramanana

    @Mahefa: azo atao hoe izay ilay izy. baomba tsy mipoaka fa bala rora :-)

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