A tour around the duty free zone at Ivato airport. Some malagasy voan-dalana

A “voan-dalana” is what you bring back to your close friends and
relatives after travelling- a kind of souvenir.
The worst part of travelling must be hanging inside the airport
waiting for the nice lady to call passengers of your flight. So, in
Madagascar, while waiting for a 1:40 AM flight, I did a tour of what’s
available within the duty free (note: my travel agent asked me to be
at the airport at 10:30, so the duty free tour just took me a few
minutes, now I have time to blog  A tour around the duty free zone at Ivato airport. Some malagasy 	voan dalana
So, being an internet- addicted I paid a visit to the only cyberspace
available run by Teknet. Two modes are provided,either you use one of
the PCs available and pay 1usd for 10 minute or 1 euro 15 minute. If
you want to use your own laptop for wifi connection, for 2 euros
you’ll get 1 hour wifi connection. Given those prices, I guess it
won’t be easy for madafan to provide an internet booth within the duty
free space for tourists to give online feed-back of their Madagascar
So let’s move on.
I usually hang around drinks shops while in a duty free, not because
I’m an alcoholic, but it’s good to bring back some “interesting”
drinks after travelling. So guess what is the favorite drink a tourist
wants to bring back from Madagascar? … Yes you got it: THB.Here are
the prices for the different flavors of malagasy beers available:
– a small 33cl Gold for 2 euros
– a 33cl canned THB beer for 2 euros
– the king of beers in Madagascar- THB 65cl for 3 euros (you usually
have it for around 1500 ariary outside)
Now, let’s forget drinks and consider some food:
– a codal-made canned “Koban-dravina” is worth 3 euros for the small
size while it costs 5 euros for the big can. If you have no idea what
a koban-dravina is, ask a malagasy or someone who’s already been here
(I know it’s not fair, but I have no way to illustrate it as of now,
and linking while blog posting from e-mail ain’t easy to do)
Then, let’s move to the foie gras: 20euros for 400gr, 13 euros for
200 gr (ok, I don’t master yet the metrics conversion, so please bear
with me)
If you ever want to bring back something that is definitely insured to
make some nice effects, step by Chocolateris Robert’s shop an grab an
“assortiment” of chocolates for 22euros/kg… You won’t regret it
(otherwise, while in Antananrivo town, stop by their Antanimena shop
that sells the same thing for half that price)
Well, the waiting room is getting crowded, seems like we’re about to
board, so now you’ve got your idea, see you at the other side (at the
Madagascar side)

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