A rambling from Madagascar: some positive notes despite all

spotlightmadagascar solar masoala eden  A rambling from Madagascar: some positive notes despite all

illustration picture by (cc) MikeWebKist on flickr

Madafan is not the know-it-all about Madagascar (the motto “discover Madagascar” also applies to Madafan’s writers). This post will try to highlight some positive notes on Madagascar although things ain’t bright on the ground. It’s always satisfying to showcase what people are doing on the ground despite all.

- spotlightmadagascar.org: Sara Lehouillier Landed in Madagascar and went on tour for three months in order to write a travel-guide
Ok, you may say: “what? another travel guide on Madagascar?”. Yes, another one. But from my face-to-face meeting with Sara (BTW,thanks for having this meeting despite the jet-lag that you had since you’ve just landed), she is taking an interesting approach whereby she tries to showcase not-so-popular touristic-spots- for example, the first destination she’s going to is Ambatofinandrahana- have you ever found this place  on any travel guides about Madagascar? I didn’t so far. I personally can’t wait to read what she’ll be reporting about her three-months trip. Sara has been working in Madagascar as a peace-corps volunteer few years ago and she can communicate in Malagasy (Madagascar’s language)- this promises interesting results as we can expect a totally different perspective from the commercial-oriented travel-guides that we are used to reading. Follow her either on her twitter account or on her blog for some updates.

Two places worth a shout-out

On another note, Madafan usually tries not to do a promotion of a commercial place unless we think it’s related to a need from our readers, or they are paying for this (and we will clearly provide a full disclosure that it’s a paid-promotion). Moreover, we try not to push the commercial language, but rather associate to a situation/environment. We then have handpicked two places that are worth noticeable given the current situation in Madagascar (we usually like this exercise whereby we try to showcase what’s positive when everything seems to be dark)
* Eden lodge: the first-ever 100% solar-powered lodge
According to the owners of the lodge, this is a world premiere,and we are more than happy to be the host for such interesting concept.

* Masoala lodge is worth a shout out because we all know there is an undergoing pillage to the masoala forest and Madafan just wanted to highlight the positive side of this wonderful place.

You surely are aware of other positive things happening in Madagascar, feel free to share it.

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