Hosotra 2009: dizains of amazing paintings to appreciate

video painting hosotra daily life  Hosotra 2009: dizains of amazing paintings to appreciate

Tahala Rarihasina

Another year, another painting exposition at Tahala Rarihasina in Antananarivo. Hosotra 2009 is happening from August 3rd to august 23rd 2009, and once again, I’m truly amazed by the talents of those artists.
Hosotra is a yearly exhibition that usually happens every August and highlight independent painters’ arts. As I usually appreciate beautiful things (and to be frank, I’m not able to tell you the techniques lying behind the production of such beautiful arts), I couldn’t resist spending some time my eyes fixed on each painting.
This time again, innovation (or should I say creativity) of the artists opened my eyes to a whole undiscovered world. All I can tell you is come and pay a visit to this exhibition as you’re better seeing it by your self (anyway, taking pictures aren’t allowed, which I fully understand)

I personally was impressed by how realistic was the paintings of Yony Lalaina showcasing Antananarivo’s daily life whereby the daily newspapers are hanging to some big umbrella’s strings while all-type of citizens get to have their morning daily newspaper frontpage review while waiting for the taxi-be. But there’s more to this lady’s painting: how she recreates (with realistic texture) an old malagasy house external wall is awesome. Imagine an old lady watching over the window of an old and brown-red crackled window (the underlying brick is so well painted that you’ll think you’re watching the actual wall)… It’s just awesome. Yony Lalaina got the talent for mixing actual press excerpts to texturized painting.

Then you have Eric who produces realistic and awesome crayon-made portraits (I’m sure there is a more appropriate name to this). He showcased one drawing of Tosy (a young lady singer) that is almost equal to a black and

video painting hosotra daily life  Hosotra 2009: dizains of amazing paintings to appreciate

white photography, but with a more artistic touch (the details of the drawing of the hair is just incredible). Eric exhibits a crayon-painting of a Betsimisaraka warrior that he drawed from this Archive Grandidier

Betsimisaraka warrior from “Fonds Grandidier”

(thanks to Nantenaina’s profile info- BTW, don’t forget to check Nantenanina’s blog for some professionally-edited videos on Madagascar’s daily life)

Another painting that “talked” to me was one (I unfortunately can’t remember the painter’s name) showing almost 20 colourful “satroka penjy” (local hats widely used in the countryside in the vakinakaratra region, as well as around Fianarantsoa).

Finally, more “standard” paintings were also shown ranging from suggestive naked woman to market sceneries. Some unusual materials were also used: one artists, for instance, painted over a “gony” which is the rude and rough 50 kg packaging of rice (not even the faphia one).

Do pay them a visit, or even better, buy those unique and awesome paintings. you still have 10 days left. (full disclosure: I don’t get paid to write this review, however, the more people buy from those exhibitions, the bigger the opportunities for me- and for other art amateurs, to appreciate them)

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