Two spots for catching a wave or hitting the surf in Madagascar

wave video surf spot mahambo madagascar lavanono  Two spots for catching a wave or hitting the surf in Madagascar

(cc) illustration photo from Michael Dawes on Flickr

So I’ve visited the “Destination Vacances” expo that was held at “La Résidence” last week-end. The idea was to get some inspiration for this coming holidays, and I dare say I wasn’t disappointed. I guess  I’ll have more post inspired by the event but here are few options you can consider. For now, let’s focus on one activity that was present at this expo: Surfing, not the internet but hitting the waves and the reefs.

So if you’re a surf lover, you may want to head east up to Mahambo and attend a surf course [fr]. One set of wanna-be (and confirmed?) surfers should have left Tana tomorrow- I know it’s kind of short notice, but the good thing is that those can even organize a full-fledged surf package for you beginning from Tana and including accomodation, transportation and surf courses … So if you wanna hit the wave, Mahambo may be your next step.

For those who are confirmed surfers, Lavanono, at almost the southest part of Madagascar, seems to be the place where they come and play. Here is a video excerpt of surfing experience from these global surfers travelling the world for seeking for the next wave to ride.

And as usual, we have created a set of surfing videos in Madagascar on our surf:hit the wave collection, go check and see by yourself. Feel free to share by commenting this post.

Not being a surfer, I’m sure there are other spots around the 5000km coast of Madagascar. Some videos report spots in Anakao or Vinanibe. Any other spots you’d recommend? Feel free to add your findings by commenting this post. If you found other Madagascar-surf-related videos on the internet, we’ll be happy to add it to our collection provided you submit it to us via its embed code here

  • Anonymous
  • Hery Lalaina

    Hi bro. After all the trouble, just wondering if Madagascar remains an interesting destination … Though your work is pretty interesting and excellent, I doubt people want to go there presently. Your thought ?

  • Hery Zo Rakotondramanana

    Hey, thanks for your input. In fact, a lot of people share your view. But I keep on saying that supporters are mainly needed when things go wrong :-) Moreover, I'm a firm believer that tourism is one of Madagascar's best bet in the long run, so I'd better start by now (later on, I would be able to say: "I didn't fail and still tried hard to promote the destination despite crisis and other negative events")I recognize that tourists are afraid to come- which I understand, nonetheless, I know of other people that still want to come to Madagascar despite the current situation (I have a meeting with some of them next saturday in Mahavelona-AKA Foulpointe… check, and am also in touch with others that will come during this season

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