200 (and counting) madagascar travel-related videos

video madagascar geotag  200 (and counting) madagascar travel related videos


As madafan moves along with promoting Madagascar as a travel-destination, it is also important to highlight other people’s effort and contribution to this goal. Thus, Madafan initiated the first collection of user-generated  Madagascar travel-related videos.

In fact, video.madafan.com aims to be the central point for any free-access videos available online related to Madagascar. One aside note though, video.madafan.com do not claim to collect song videoclips from Madagascar unless they relate to some cultural background that reviewers deem appropriate for travellers to consider.

What is worth mentioning with this new feature of madafan.com? Let’s take a tour:

– the search feature is IMHO the most interesting feature since once you search for a keyword, video.madafan.com will search for videos related to this keyword on multiple sites, including: youtube.com,dailymotion.com,revver.com, vimeo.com, …

tags:  as any other user-generated-content application, any videos can also be tagged, though easing the navigation

– video.madafan.com showcases any embeddable videos that other peers have already uploaded on the internet, whether it is on popular video sites as youtube.com, dailymotion.com – or on any other website presenting videos where an Embed code is available,

– wherever possible reviewers of video.madafan.com (you can also become a peer-reviewer) geotag videos so as travellers has a

video madagascar geotag  200 (and counting) madagascar travel related videos

Madagascar geotagged videos

more precise idea of the location in Madagascar where a video has been filmed. One note though, for some videos that are either difficult to geotag, or that falls under the general Madagascar location, we have used the center point of Madagascar (somewhere between Antananarivo, Miarinarivo and Tsiroanomandidy) as location,

playlists: in order to easily navigate the collection, we have setup playlists that are either related to a city, animals or activities

– users of video.madafan.com can upload 50 Mb videos that will automatically syndicated on youtube.com (under the ” saveoursmile” identity though)

– useful tools are also available for easing your posting to video.madafan.com. Check the “grab a video” link

For your general understanding:

– almost everyone can submit a Madagascar-related videos to video.madafan.com,

– once this is done, some peer-reviewers will approve and eventually geotag those videos while adding it to a playlist (or eventually create new playlists)

We hope video.madafan.com will be a community-feeded Madagascar-related travel videos. If you find any embeddable video inline with this criteria, feel free to submit it on our submission page.
Now, how do you think we should proceed to promote and raise awareness of this tool as well as have other people contribute to this collection?

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  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=1072219598 Thorsten Negro

    Salama Hery,on our next Tours around the phantastic Island, i hope we bring a lot of nice Movies from Our Trip…for your Collection ;-)

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=1039070533 Hery Zo Rakotondramanana

    Hey Thorsten, your videos are almost welcome :-) This is not my exclusive collection, it's for all Madagascar-lovers :-)

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