Mahavelona, what’s so special there to host a facebook meeting?

If you’re a follower Madafan, you know that we are planning to host a meeting between locals and any tourists in town at Mahavelona on August 08th 2009.If not, then now you know  Mahavelona, whats so special there to host a facebook meeting? Here is the poster

 Mahavelona, whats so special there to host a facebook meeting?

takariva any Mahavelona

Why Mahavelona? And why facebook? In fact, me and Thorsten Negro (who manages tanalahorizon, a german tour operator specializing in Madagascar) found during a facebook chat that Mahavelona is our preferred place in Madagascar so far.Then we’ve got a huge support from one “tourist” Alexander Jaus (who’ve been in Madagascar in 2008, and come back in August 2009 for another tour) … You noticed may have noticed that both are very good photographers.

Not only do I love Foulpointe for its quite sea (although it is on the east coast of Madagascar known by its tumultuous sea), but I also do appreciate how people in this village are creative on providing you nice services. I’ll always appreciate having them bring you grilled lobster or gambas that you’ll buy by the kilogram, and eat them along with mango’s vinaigrette, and all of this on the beach. Definitely worth a try.
And you, what do you love doing in Mahavelona (ex-Foulpointe?)

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