Kayaking for 10 months around Madagascar- the finish line is close

riaan kayak  Kayaking for 10 months around Madagascar  the finish line is close

Riaan Manser

This guy is awesome. Thanks to @Flavid for pointing me out to this wonderful experience.

Here’s the mission statement for Riaan Manser quoted from his website

The Mission: Become the first person to kayak, alone and unaided, around the world’s fourth largest island – Madagascar.
Starting in the eastern port town of Tamatave, Riaan paddled north in an anti-clockwise direction. He departed in August 2008 and aims to finish the circumnavigation of 5000kms within 10 months, in May/June 2009.

This guy is awesome, kayaking around Madagascar for 10 months, tweeting while network coverage permits it, while sending his GPS location. He’s doing it alone and although he looks like the modern Rubinson Crusoé discovering Madagascar, the travel ain’t always full of happy things.

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