Donia 2009, against all odds for a “caravane musical”

Despite the crisis in Madagascar, the now-well-established regional festival Donia will be held from May 21st to May 31st 2009 in Nosy Be

nosy be festival donia diego carnaval musical antananarivo ambanja  Donia 2009, against all odds for a caravane musical

Donia festival billboard

Although Donia has always been associated to Nosy Be, this 16th edition of Donia festival  will start from the capital Antananarivo on May 21st for a typical Donia Show. Time to enjoy various rhythm, from typical Kilalaky and Salegy to some urban hip-hop and pop-rock. World and traditional music can also be appreciated on thursday 21st in Antananarivo.

May 23rd and 24th: the “caravane musicale” will stop by Diégo Suarez (AKA Diégo or Antsiranana)

May 26th: Ambanja wil be the city hosting the “caravane musical”

May 27th: official opening of the festival in Nosy Be. Want to be part of the launch of a soon-to-be-famous choregraphy, definitely be at the opening of Donia in Nosy Be this day.

May 28th: open the floor to the “kilalaky” – a must-see (and practice- but have your hip ready to move) dance from the south of Madagascar. Watch a sample video here.

May 29th 2009 a “vendredi zôli” (read TGIF) with one of the most famous pop-rock band in Madagascar named “Ambondrona”

May 31st 2009 will be the the last day and guess who’s going to be the Salegy’s performer for this evening?

This post has only showcased the “caravane musical” which ins only one part of Donia, but we hope to cover more about it on other posts.

Have you ever been to one of the  previous 15 editions of Donia? Tell us more in the comment section…