200 amphibians discovered in Madagascar

madagascar discover amphibian  200 amphibians discovered in Madagascar

a frog (cc) jurvetson

Thanks to @JChameleon and @EclectiqueID for sharing about this news. This article published by the more-than serious magazine ScienceDaily is another eye-opener about how rich Madagascar’s biodiversity is.

While researchers get very excited about discovering few new species, I can imagine how important this discovery of 200 species of amphibians is – whether we are talking about conservation, or we are amphibian-lovers. Can you imagine that this discovery (or set of discoveries) alone doubled the number of identified amphibians on earth? Being a Malagasy-born living in Madagascar, I never paid any particular attention to those amphibians, I do admit – I took them for granted. But now I’m also discovering (but this blog is about discovering, right? My discoveries combined with other people’s discoveries.) .

I guess the discoveries ain’t over yet – some has already found it while I’m at the beginning stage when it comes to frogs.

Sounds like some frog-passionate people are out there, but even if you’re not passionate about amphibians, I’d like to hear from you. Which one is your best frog?