Logistical and what can you expect during the “raid solidaire de l’Anosy”

raid solidaire de lAnosy manantinena logistic fort dauphin esira back pack  Logistical and what can you expect during the raid solidaire de lAnosy

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Everybody at the starting point in the middle of nowhere (Commune Esira) on May 22nd at .. .3 AM. My goodness, this raid is serious. This will end on May 24th at 5 PM

40 km (and more) per day have to be walked for three days for a total of 128 km. Though this definitely an endurance activities geared for amateurs in good shape. Organisation team mentions although that this is not a competition but they’d rather walk you through discovering people from this region as well as their way of life and culture. CARE NGO have included the local community into the organization of this event.  Although trekkers will discover nice sceneries, this raid will also have trekkers aware of deforestation issue in this region as well as food security.

Back to the experience itself, let’s see the logistical points that will be arranged for the 100 max participants. CARE is the your counterpart for the organisation team. They will cater for preparation and any logistical items including:

– picking you at Fort Dauphin,

– driving you to Esira, and driving back to Fort Dauphin from Manantinena

– catering for water and foods that will be provided every 15 km

– bivouacs

On the participants’s responsability will be:

– their backpack,

– light  clothes for changing

– lightening

– some extras (medicine, “gris-gris” (I love this mentioning of “gris gris” in the official letter from the organising team)

Participants definitely need to provide for a raincoat and a couch.

Participants have to get their way to Fort Dauphin where the organising team will pick them. It is strongly advised that participants arrive there by noon on thursday 21st of May.  A 5 hours drive will lead them to the starting point of the raid in Esira.

– For coming back, another 5 hours drive from Manantinena will drop you at Fort Dauphin where the organizing team suggest participant to book for a flight to Tana on 25th of May 2009.

As an aside note, direct flight from La Réunion to Fort Dauphin are available on commercial flights

Although this is an endurance exercise, bivouac time sounds promising: a full-fledged meal, red wine, local musicians as well as traditional wrestling.

Sounds ineresting? Book your flight, prepare your backpack, and be ready to wake up at 2 AM.

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