Friendly Planet surveyed their customer for their next cruise, and the winner is …

tour hotel first class cruise  Friendly Planet surveyed their customer for their next cruise, and the winner is ...

Friendly planet

This one is a good news that we have to share with you all. Friendly Planet, an experienced US-based tour operator surveyed 7000 people in order to identify the next tour that they’ll organize for 2010, and 941 wanted to come to Madagascar, making our beautiful island the next destination for the customers of this tour operator who use to work with first class hotels.

Checking at their website, one can see how large their cruise offer is, and this Madagascar cruise tour seem to be a first for them. Let’s hope this Madagascar tour will be a standard offer on their package.

Quoting Friendly planet’s website

Because it is so remote, Madagascar is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but intrepid travelers are rewarded with an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. 150,000 species of plants and animals (including the Lemur) are found nowhere else on earth, making Madagascar is a true nature-lover’s paradise. And the Malagasy population is truly one-of-a-kind as well, a beautiful blending of many distinct cultures, including African, Asian, Arabian, French, Indian, Creole and more. If vacation for you means unique and unusual then Madagascar is the place for you!

We are very excited to get so soon into this project as most of the times we are only aware of a cruise arriving in Madagascar once they arrived. This will give us another perspective-from the tour operator side who organizes such cruises, but also, from the kind of information and level of services needed from local counterparts in Madagascar. Cruise will arrive in Madagascar in 2010, though we have almost a year to get ready on the Madagascar side.

What would you suggest those cruisers to see in Madagascar? Share your views and recommendations.

In the meantime, feel free to follow Friendly Planet on twitter.

  • Zach

    Thanks for the article. Look forward to creating a buzz and putting together a great itinerary for this tour.

  • Many

    Thats’one good news indeed.

  • madafan

    Yep a good news. Let’s cross our fingers that this will actually become a reality.
    BTW, welcome on Madafan Many. Feel free to guest-blog or become a fan on facebook via … And do share your Malagasy tips to other readers :-)

  • madafan

    Thanks Zach for stopping by. I’m definitely excited to cover this cruise that you are organising on this blog. Let’s keep in touch here, or on twitter. For all readers, stay tuned on this project that Zach’s company is initiating by following him on

  • Ecuador Travel

    insightful analysis and lively discussion here makes this blog the destination for those wanting to write creatively and think about our society and the impact we make on it at home and abroad

  • Peggy Goldman

    How exciting to find the Madafan Web site! Thank you, Madafan, for posting the information about our survey and our plans to feature Madagascar among our tour offerings in 2010. Zach (who commented above) and I are just beginning our research, but it appears there’s plenty to see, do, and enjoy on Madagascar, so we’re looking into a program of approximately eight days that will feature touring, cultural experiences, and time to relax and enjoy the gorgeous beaches.

    We hope that our tour will be more than a cruise stopover, and in fact, we are looking now into the various ways our passengers can fly to Madagascar, to give us plenty of time to explore. We would be delighted to receive recommendations from Madafan followers so that our tours reflect the best the island has to offer, as seen by those who know it best. Please post your recommendations on our Madagascar blog post ( so that we can look into each one. We’ll update you as to our progress as we work toward a wonderful, affordable tour to beautiful, magical Madagascar.

    Peggy Goldman
    Friendly Planet Travel

  • madafan

    Hi Peggy,
    thanks for updating us on where do you stand on this wonderful and exciting project. We’ll invite anyone that has the Madagascar experience to give you some recommendations, knowing that final decision is up to you

  • Patrick

    Waou, it’s quite nice Hery, but don’t forget to share us some clients. Lol

    Patrick’s last blog post.. Morning song

  • madafan

    Hey, I was thinking about you when I first heard about this cruise. Why don’ t you join the ride on preparing this cruise. You may add some value to this exciting experience :-)

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