The “before you go to Madagascar” series: time difference

This is a first post of a series about the topic before you go to Madagascar whereby Madafan will collect all useful ressources for people that plan to come to Madagascar.

Madagascar is at GMT+3 (Greenwich Meridian Time) or UTC+3. There is no daylight saving time applied in MAdagascar. For those who are used to check the timezone on their computers, the island is on the same Timezone as Nairobi (Kenya). BTW, there is now a direct Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Antananarivo, so you can eventually extend your Kenya Safari tour to Madagascar’s rich tour experience.
Some interesting timezone conversion are given here for your reference:

  • +1 from South Africa (a direct flight between Johannesburg and Antananarivo)
  • +2 hours from the following european nations in Winter, and +1 in summer: Switzerland, Germany(a direct flight exist between Frankfurt and Antananarivo) , Belgium, France, Italy (a direct flight exist between Milan and Antananarivo as well as Nosy-Be and Milan)
  • +8 hours from US East coast and Qu?bec in winter and +7 in summer
  • +11 hours from US pacific coast in winter and +10 in summer
  • -1 hour from neighboring island La R?union and Mauritius (Air Mauritius desserves Madagascar on regular basis if you add more than the Mauritian beaches to your trip)
  • -4 hours from Bangkok that is directly desserved by Air Madagascar
  • -5 hours from Singapour,Hong Kong
  • -6 hours from Japan
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