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This post is part of a serie called “before you go to Madagascar”. Madafan will try to keep this post as updated as possible. You are also encouraged to help us maintain it either by contacting us or by leaving comments/responses to the end of this post.

Warning: Informations given here may change from time to time depending on airline companies schedules and offers. Please get in touch directly with those companies or your travel agent for detailed/precise information. Moreover, please keep in mind that some of those flights are on shared-seat between Air Madagascar and another carrier

Madagascar is 10hours flight from Paris/France. Air Madagascar and Air France both have long-haul flights to Paris, at a frequency of 5 flights per week for each. Moreover Air Madagascar also has a direct flight to/from Marseille/France.

Still on the european continent, Air Madagascar links Milan to Nosy Be (island in the north of Madagascar) and Antananarivo (aka Tana) twice a week.

On the asian continent, Air Madagascar connects to Bangkok twice a week. Moreover, this company is seeking to have partnerships to connect to other asian major cities.

With regard to closer destinations, a direct 3 to 4 hours flight to Johannesburg/South Africa on a shared-seat between Air Madagascar an South African Airlink is provided four times a week.

Going up (geographically speaking) on the African continent, Kenya Airways recently open a direct flight to/from Nairobi giving tourists from each destination an opportunity to extend their visit to each country.Air Madagascar also offers two Nairobi flights/week to his passengers.

On the indian ocean islands, Mauritius tourists can also escape to Madagascar through a direct link by Air Mauritius four times a week while Air Madagascar does it 8 times a week.

The offer for La R?union neighboring island is pretty much diverse:

- La R?union-Fort Dauphin (aka Taolagnaro in the south east of Madagascar) has a flight per week by Air Madagascar. On the other hand, Air Austral does it thrice a week.

- La R?union-Antananarivo: 7 times a week for Air Madagascar while Air Austral does it thrice a week.

- La R?union-Di?go Suarez (extreme north of Madagascar) is deserved twice a week by Air Madagascar while Air Austral does La R?union-Nosy Be three times a week.

- La R?union-Tamatave (aka Toamasina- in the east coast of Madagascar) has a flight from Air Madagascar three times a week while Air Austral does it once a week

- La R?union -Majunga (aka Mahajanga in the north-west of Madagascar: Air Austral does it once a week while Air Madagascar flies three times a week on this trip

Madagascar has close relationships with the Comoros islands, though Air Madagascar has an offer for different Comoros destinations:

- Moroni is linked twice a week to Antananarivo,

- Dzaoudzi to Di?go Suarez is done once a week, the same applies for Dzaoudzi-Majunga

As for local flights, Air Madagascar is covering 40 cities while some other private companies can charter small groups of people that will probably be addressed in future posts.

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