Curtains up, launches…

Well, this is the first actual post on is an online platform about discovering madagascar- this island in the indian ocean surrounded by 5000 Km of coast and classified as one of the biodeversity hot spot in the world with a high endemicity ratio for its flora and fauna.

madagascar madafan launch  Curtains up, launches...
typical countryside in the interior highlands

Why setup such platform?

While the country one of its biggest political, economical, social crisis now, one can think that it’s a weird idea to try to launch something new nowadays. However, this project has been hanging around for quite a few time now, and we think that we can nom more give room to procrastination and have to start. Moreover, we think that most of the biggest accomplishments humans achieved so far came from crazy ideas/visions. Our vision is to setup as the reference place for sharing about Madagascar. We will leverage on collective intelligence in order to materialize this vision- though although we are only a small team of authors in the beginning of this “trip”, we encourage YOU to join the ride, whether by sharing your passion about Madagascar, or whether by bringing constructive feed-back. We strongly believe that this country has a lot to tell/show us that can’t be covered into a book, or a guide (although those items help), discovering Madagascar need a bigger room though this platform:

Read more on our “about us” on how different players can get the most out of

How is this platform expected to grow?

Although at the beginning we are going to develop standard informations that you can find inside typical guides and websites about Madagascar (factsheets, some indications on interesting places, …) we will definitely position as a place for more detailed informations from those who know it best. Though, we will proceed to interviews ( using different means from chats, face-to-face interviews, e-mail exchanges, …), we will also ask some people that are already writing about Madagascar to do some guest-posting on, finally we will encourage some other passionate people to become regular authors. If you consider yourself as having something interesting to share with regard to discovering Madagascar, feel free to contact us

Now, the brief introduction is over, and let’s join the ride, surf the wave, get into the ring .. you name it

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